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July 25th & 26th


Reception - Year 4

Holmesdale Community Infant School

£18 per child, per session or £32 for both sessions

At our Holiday sessions, children are placed into small groups based on their age.

Our Little Sporties sessions will include fun activities and games which are centred around fundamental movement skills, such running, jumping, throwing and catching. Children will participate in lots fun games and activities.

Our older Sporties will participate in a number of team games which may include football, netball, unihoc, dodgeball,  cricket, rounders and athletics.



June 1st

Years 2-6


Reigate Parish School

£20 Per session

At Netball, boys and girls will learn a variety of different Netball skills such as footwork, shooting, passing and teamwork.  

We put our learning into practice with lots of small sided games. Children are split into groups depending on their ability, and sessions are tailored to each group.


This club is open to all abilities are welcome. 

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