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How many children are in each class?

Classe sizes vary.

There is always a minimum ration of  1-10 (coach to children)

When children are preschool - Reception age there is a ratio of 1-6

Are classes indoors or outdoors?

Some sessions will be held inside and others outside. This is dependant on the sport or activities.

Can I park on the site for drop off and pick up?

We have car parking available at all our venues. 

Do I have to stay on site while my child attends Sporties?

After School Clubs- for Safeguarding reason, parents are not permitted on Schools sites during sessions

Saturday Club - Not if you don't want to. We like to offer our parents the chance to take time to themselves and pop to the shops or for a coffee while their child burns lots of energy with us. Your child is in safe hands with a qualified Staff.

What is the ratio of boys to girls

This can vary from club to club.

How do we pay for classes?

Your child is welcome to try us out first with one free trial session. Once your child has settle in, classes are paid for up front on a termly basis.


Can my child join part way through the term?

Yes- your child can join anytime subject to us having space. We enrol children throughout the year and we'll calculate your fees depending on how many sessions are left that term.

What happens if my child can't attend one week?

Please send us an email to let us know. In order for us to have enough time to notify coaches, please do let us know no later than 12:30pm on the day.


I am afraid a refund and/or credit cannot be given for missed sessions. 

Are the classes fully insured?

All Sporties classes are insured for personal accident and public liability insurance

What should the children wear?

We recommend trainers, comfy bottoms such as leggings, shorts of joggers, and of course their Sporties t-shirt. T-shirts are on sale through the website for £8. 


If you child is in reception or year one and attends one of our after school clubs, you may wish to simply send them own with a change of shoes. 

Should my child bring a snack?

Yes if your child is attending any of our After School Clubs, Saturday sessions or holiday clubs. Please send your child with nut free snack and some water.  

How dose my child get to the club?

Yes if your child is attending any of our After School Clubs, a Sporties coach will collect your child from their teacher. 

Breakfast and Tea Club

If you would like us to collect of drop your child off from Breakfast club/ Tea club, simply let us know.  

Can my child walk home after the club?

Yes, your child can walk home from our sessions, provided that it is in line with their school policy and you have informed us. Without prior consent, your child will not be permitted to walk home. 


At the end of each Saturday session, a Sportie of the week certificate is presented to a child in each group. The certificates are awarded to children who have tried the hardest, listened well, and showed good teamwork and Sportsmanship. This award is not based on skill and ability.Certificates are not awarded at our after school sessions.

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